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Photo of Suzanne Nairne
Constructon textures

Suzanne’s first love was languages – the way they made her feel that she was someone else, someplace else – the beauty of studying French – the stories she told through movement as a contemporary dancer.


The creative life brought her from Vancouver to New York City, where she worked as a designer and maker of hand-painted table accessories and lucite jewellery. This work sparked a new love – she began studying metalworking at the Craft Students League and soon developed her own jewellery voice.


Suzanne’s work is a fusion of fine craft, art and design. She creates pieces that express a personal vision counter to the conformity and generic style seen in both the produced and handmade market today. Suzanne is inspired by architectural and environmental forms and has recently begun incorporating more natural and recycled materials in her work.


The artists and teachers who have guided her career are her idols for life. Tamiko (Kawata) Ferguson at Craft Students League. Artist Maria Melero, who she apprenticed with in New York. Harold O’Connor at the Peters Valley Craft Center in New Jersey. Charles Lewton-Brain at Alberta College of Art and Design. Steve Fong of Patina Designs in Vancouver.


Suzanne’s work is available through the Circle Craft Co-op on Granville Island and Arts on Main. She regularly appears at the Circle Craft show in Vancouver and the Calgary Arts Market, and she has participated in many other Canadian and American shows.


Suzanne works out of her studio in East Vancouver, BC.

Photo of Suzanne by Tanya King Photography

A sunny day and a view of the mountains from Suzanne's studio in East Vancouver, B.C.

View from inside Suzanne Nairne's studio
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